Life in Oregon

January 24, 2017

Life in  Oregon is great the scenery is amazing and it is so much colder here, which is amazing compared to the hot weather in California which was reaching the temperatures of 70, 80, 90, 100 degrees while here it is 60 degrees and under once.

Just a few weeks ago we had snow which only happens maybe once in 10-20 years, also I’ve been hearing that this is the craziest winter in 20 years.

Also this year I recently just started crochet and knit which is really easy and so far I’ve made 7 scarves and 2 blankets  which was amazing!

For the blankets I use Bernat blanket yarn which I found at my local Joanns craft store.

I will leave a link down below of the video I used fr the tutorial of how to arm knit. 

arm kniting for begginers

here are some of my creations

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