Winchester bay beach

January 26, 2017

Today we went on a trip to the Winchester bay beach with the dogs it was so much  fun. When we got to the beach we let the dogs out and started to walk around.  First we went to the rocks and looked around at all the beautiful rocks. When we went the tide was so low that these tall wooden poles were not under the water which is crazy. When we first saw it before now it was almost covered with water. Here is a picture of it with out the water covering it. 

So imagine this almost all the way covered with water. When we first came to the beach I tried to walk up to it but it was way to deep. Also when we went on to the rocks we found two huge rocks that look like big chunks of wood. Here is one of them.






Last but not least here are some pictures for fun

Picture of me with giant stick

Mia Reynon

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