Beach day

January 27, 2017

So today my mom and I went down to the man-made beach just a few blocks away from my house which is an amazing and it is so beautiful. Sometimes we go down to the beach and feed the ducks ( the beach is a ten-mile lake ) here are some pictures of the ducks.

here are some ducks !

here is my favorite duck !


Also today  I got a package that had three awesome Chewbacca shirts. one of them is of chewbacca wearing a Disneyland hat  the second shirt was a Polaroid picture of two storm troopers and Darth Vader with chewbacca in the background holding a foam finger with the words ”  1 Rebels ” finally the last short was a picture of chewbacca with the words above  ” party animal”. Here are the pictures of the shirts.


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