My review of Dork Diaries #10

Dork Diaries #10

Tales from a NOT-SO Perfect Pet Sitter

dork diaries 10

I Love this book!

The main character is awesome and she sticks up for herself and every one she cares about not only herself but everybody else in her life

even her bratty sister Brianna.

But she will never stick up for the mean girl Mackenzie.

Now Mackenzie goes to a different school, which now that Mackenzie is out of Nikki’s life she feels like the universe did her a favor.

But later in the book Mackenzie is back and Nikki writes “Another big Mac attack”which is so funny.

The pic on the right is about the puppies that were found on the steps on the outside of Fuzzy Friends, dork diaries 10which is a no kill animal shelter that takes in homeless animals in dork diaries,  and two of the main characters Brandon and Nikki work there.

Now to talk about the main character Nikki.

Nikki is sweet,nice, smart, and she has her own column in the newspaper called “Miss know it all”.

Nikki takes letters for “Miss know it all” and writes responses if you have not read book #9 then don’t read this part. Spoiler alert!

In book #9 Mackenzie stole Nikki’s diary  and logged in as Nikki and wrote all these mean letters to people.

Overall I think this book is awesome and I would recommend this series for young brilliant girls to read and also if you love drama this is the book for you.dork diaries 10





A dork diary MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! comes out 2016!!!!!!!!!!.

Please tell me in the comments who should play the role of Nikki Maxwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so everyone that reads this please tell me in the comments who should play the role of Nikki. I personally think Sabrina Carpenter is perfect for the role.

dork diaries movieRead about my adventure with Gus the Guinea Pig!

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