My review of Dork Diaries #10

Dork Diaries #10 Tales from a NOT-SO Perfect Pet Sitter I Love this book! The main character is awesome and she sticks up for herself and every one she cares about not only herself but everybody else in her life even her bratty sister Brianna. But she will never stick up for the mean girl […]

3 days with Gus the Guinea

January 15, 2016

Meet Gus the guinea! The cutest guinea pig of all time. If you want to learn more about him and the great time I had with him then just keep on reading! He loves to eat Carrots Oranges ( including the peel) Apples Plums   First night with Gus For the first night I had […]

The Beautiful Indian Peafowl

November 6, 2015

The Indian  peafowl or  blue peafowl is a large and  brightly colored  bird is a species of peafowl native.     In South Asia but introduced in many other parts of the world like the United Sates and Mexico and many more.     Its body length is 100-150cm. Its lifespan is 15 years the […]